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Alton Handball Club

Alton Handball Club

Season 2!

Have you missed handball over the summer break?

Training returns for our second full season on Saturday 13th - noon at Alton College until 1.30pm

We can't wait to get started and we look forward to some exciting playing opportunities as an emerging club

Subs this year are up ever so slightly as the hall is costing us a little more:
£15/month adults (£9 for September)
£10/month for 18 and under (£7 September)

Single sessions are £4 and £3 respectively.

We still hope to grow as a club so please get the word out there and bring along a friend! (first session free!)

Hampshire Games 2014 - winners!

Our junior team took part in the handball competition of the Hampshire games last weekend. They represented East Hampshire escorted by Head Coach Dean Gillatt.  Despite only having two teams in the competition following the late withdrawal of a Basingstoke team, competitors attending enjoyed coaching session with Team GB’s John Pearce.  Following a jam packed morning session with John, our juniors went on the experience a full 60 minute match against Eastleigh.  The match was very even with as little as two points difference leading into the final 15 minutes of the game.  However, our juniors fought back to achieve Gold with a 44 – 35 victory.  Well done to all our juniors who competed and for representing the District.

Training this week

Just to remind/people that there is no training this weekend (May 10th)  as all 4 coaches are either playing in the tournament in Bournemouth or are away.

However - from the 17th May we move to Amery Hill sports hall for the rest of the season - and there is a time change: 10:30 am until noon.  This will continue until the summer break with the last training session of this year on the 21st June.

Hope to see you back on the 17th!

Press release

Check out our recent press release to try and encourage more female players at the club:


Training details and contact details above - so just get in contact if you are interested in trying out handball or have any questions

Eastbourne tournament report

On Sunday 27th April the club entered its first competition since its inauguration as a club in November of 2013.

This was a beginners, mixed, any age tournament in Eastbourne playing the home team and two teams from Brighton Handball club.  3 half hour games in total.

Warming up

This was a great learning experience for the team playing against players with considerably more experience than our team.

First up against Brighton B and we lost 10-6.  One of the new experiences for the team was using a waxed ball - this took some getting used with the accuracy of the teams passes suffering a little in this game as we found the ball sticking to our hands, helpful when catching but getting rid of the ball was a different experience!

The second game we sped to a 6 or 7 goal lead with Lawrence coming in to his own with the vast majority of the scoring with powerful backcourt shots.  That stung Brighton A into action - substituting their experienced players on to the court and nullifying our main threat...  They pulled back the deficit by half time and went on to ease away from us with a 17-10 win for Brighton.

Team talk prior to the second game v Brighton A.

By the third game against Eastbourne our energy levels were beginning to ebb away and in the second half it was a struggle to keep defending against a more experienced team - eventually losing 16-8.

Defending hard against Eastbourne
On the attack in the first half v Eastbourne
Alton score!

These three games gave us lots of areas to work on in the future - but lots of encouraging signs too!

The team!

Over all it was a great experience to play 3 organised teams, putting our training in to action - you only learn by playing!

Handball in Berlin

Here's committee member Thomas' report of a recent trip to Berlin and his experience of seeing some professional handball there.


Over Easter my family and I took a trip to Berlin - we've visited a few times in the past and had a list of things to do, standard tourist fare.

This visit though, happened to coincide with a fixture for the local mens professional handball outfit (Fuchse Berlin - or Berlin Foxes) in the Bundesliga so we decided to check that out too.

The venue was the Max-Schmeling-Halle,  a multipurpose arena in the east of the city also used for concerts and the local basketball team

The tickets were pretty reasonable- 40 euros for a family of 4... those were the cheap seats and the prices did go up to 50-60 euro seats if you wanted.

As you can see above - the atmosphere was pretty impressive.  This was part of the pre-match introductions - the team had won the league the week before and this was part of the presentation of the trophy to the crowd.  Plenty of razzle-dazzle, loud music and indoor fireworks!

The game was against Vfl Gummersbach. A full arena (8,500) settled in to the game.  Lots of singing and chanting going on - each seat had a cardboard fan on it to be folded up as a "clacker".  The gameplay itself was incredible - the speed and technical skills was something special.  The ball itself looked like it was made of sponge the way it was manipulated with ease. 

Technical timeouts were enlivened by the Berlin team cheerleaders - and occasionally the team mascot, a big Fox!!

As you can see I did purchase a team strip and this is half time with me taking in a pretzel too.  The game was fairly even up until the midway point, lots of goals and lots of excitement...

Still a pretty good view from the cheap seats!

In the second half  Berlins superiority showed and the gap changed from 1 or 2 goals to 6 or 7 ending in a comfortable 27-22 win for the home team.  I spent my time trying to equate the skills we are trying to learn in Alton with what was on show - makes for a better viewing knowing what is supposed to be happening!  The defensive formations depending on the state of the game, the use of the pivot, the fast breaks, 7 metre penalties, 9m shots - great to see it all in action as it is done by the pro's.

I've been to handball games before, twice at the Olympics including the final as well as a Team GB outing later on but this was a little different - very loud, very raucous crowd with drums/chants etc..  Great experience all round!

Nearly there!

Arrived this week and available for those at training today to check their ordered sizes...

Off to the printers shortly to add the all important sponsors name and the Alton Handball Club logo.